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From: 2009.06.05 亀梨和也のKス バイ Kス, please don’t remove the (c)

In which he calls a listener who said she just got married after 8 years of relationship. Kazuya’s impressed, and he asked her stuff like ‘how did he proposed?’ etc, and the woman was so happy and cute. She told Kazuya-弟 that they went to KAT-TUN dome concert (in Osaka) together as newlyweds.

Kazuya: So which part of the concert is your favorite?

Listener: Hmm…yappari Kame-chan’s solo,

Kazuya: 1582?

Listener: Yes, that.

Kazuya: What about your husband, what does he think of my unusual performance? (referring to his pretty hairdo and his pretty kimono, of course)

Listener: He said ‘eroi na, eroi na..’ (so sexy); and he said ‘Is it really okay to perform like this?’

Kazuya: *cackles*

Listener: ‘If it’s Kame-chan…I’d sleep with him’ he said *cackles*

Kazuya: Really? Your husband said that? He’d sleep with me?

Listener: If it’s you, yes, you seemed ‘色っぽい’ (means ‘sensual’ basically)

Kazuya: Well then I’ll think about it *cackles together*

Me: I’m sure you can find an unmarried guy, Kazuya.

LOL at Kame fanboys XD

Speaking of, that the “H” from ‘Come Here’ is a capital letter is because the middle of it is sort of hyphen-like, and it’s our eight [hachi] album, and then it stands for a sense of Home, also it includes a “sexual” [H/ecchi] meaning. Dancing and getting all sweaty together, we would like you to return home wet!

ONLY STAR 2014.06.20

- Kamenashi “King of subtlety” Kazuya talking about the upcoming tour

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